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This multi-tool kit is perfect if you’re looking for a place to start with our range of attachments. Supplied with our PH1400E power head, HTA2000 hedge trimmer attachment, PSA1000 pole saw attachment, 2.5Ah battery and rapid charger, it’s perfect if you want to tidy your garden.


£659.00 Regular Price
£629.00Sale Price
  • Our MHCC1002E Multi-Tool kit is a great place to start if you’re looking for a variety of tool options. The PH1400E power head is the master for our multi-tool, and coupled with the 2.5Ah battery which is also included, will provide ample power to trim your hedges back, and saw any wayward branches from your trees. This kit is supplied with our Rapid charger to get you back on the move faster. A full recharge from empty on the supplied 2.5Ah battery will take just 30 minutes, and you can easily monitor the battery level and recharge status via the helpful LED charging/diagnostics indicator.The powerful pole saw attachment will soon have your garden looking in top shape with its 25cm bar and impressive 15m/s chain speed. Manoeuvre your way around unruly branches with ease, without the hassle of cords or petrol. The tool is lightweight, and the brushless motor in the power head means vibration is reduced, giving you a more enjoyable experience. The hedge trimmer attachment has a total length of 160cm, plus 12 adjustable cutting angles, regardless of the size or shape of your hedge, this attachment can be manipulated to tackle it with ease. When folded, the tool is a mere 99cm long, meaning it can easily fit inside our specially designed multi-tool bag (BMH1000) so there’s no need to worry about storage.Includes: PH1400E - Power head HTA2000 - Hedge trimmer attachment PSA1000 - Pole saw attachment BA1400T - 2.5Ah battery CH5500E - Rapid charger

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