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Trimming is quick and easy with the Toro 60V String Trimmer. Just thread the line, spin the dial and you are good to go. The cutting width adjusts quickly from 36 to 41 cm, so you can get the setting you need for simple touch ups or tackling tall, thick grass. Just tap & go to advance the line. The variable-speed trigger with two speed ranges delivers extra power when you need it, and the high-performance Flex-Force Power System® brushless DC motor is free of engine exhaust emissions and reduces maintenance and wears less compared to a brushed motor. An ergonomic handle with Comfort Grip reduces arm fatigue.

Best of all, the 60 Volt battery is compatible with all of Hayter’s cordless lawnmowers and Toro's Flex-Force battery-powered lineup.

Battery String Trimmer 60V Flex Force Power System® 51835T

  • Variable speed trigger and turbo boost button delivers more power when you need it.

    Adjustable line size and cutting width (36 - 41cm) to suit your lawn conditions. 2.4mm line included.

    Tap & Go. Easily advance the line length by tapping the head of the trimmer on the ground.

    Easy to replace strimmer line. Just thread the line and spin the dial. No more complicated lines to wind.

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