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  • Finish faster with air speed up to 115 mph and air volume up to 17.3 m3/min.
  • Long-lasting performance with the brushless DC motor
  • Lithium-ion battery maximises run time.
  • Extra power when you need it with Variable Speed with Turbo-Boost
  • Added comfort with cruise control and an ergonomic handle
  • Compatible with the rest of the Flex-Force Power System™

Battery Leaf Blower 60V MAX* Flex-Force Power System™ 51825T

  • Finish Faster

    Move large piles of leaves faster with 17.3 m3/min of air volume and 115 mph air speed**

    Long-Lasting Performance

    Enjoy more power and longer life with a high-performance brushless DC motor.

    Maximise Your Efficiency

    Maximise run time and power with the 60V* lithium-ion smart battery.

    Go Turbo

    Get more power when you need it with the variable-speed trigger and turbo-boost button.

    Save your Strength

    Reduce arm fatigue and tackle big jobs with less effort with cruise control feature and an ergonomic handle.

    All-Season Power

    Compatible with the rest of the products in the Flex-Force Power System™ line, from mowers to string trimmers to snow blowers.

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