Compact ride-on mowers are seeing a rapid increase in popularity, and with machines like the Cub Cadet LR1 NR76 coming to market, it’s no real surprise.

It’s characterised by its super-tight 46cm turning-circle and relatively narrow 76cm working-width; a combination that ensures obstacles; difficult corners; end of pass turns; and restricted gateways can all be negotiated without trouble.

For smooth, intuitive control of the ground-speed, Cub Cadet have equipped this model with a six-speed, foot-pedal operated Transmatic drive. When speeding up you can go through the gears without stopping to shift; while when slowing down, you simply depress the clutch / brake pedal until you reach your desired pace (the transmission then resets to the original preset ground-speed when the pedal is released).

The Cub Cadet LR1 NR76 Ride-On Mower offers three mowing-modes (collection; rear-discharge; and mulching) so you can select the one that will be most effective in any given conditions.

It comes with a high-capacity 200-litre grass-catcher, which means you can spend more time mowing and less time at the compost-heap; and it has a telescoping steering-column and an adjustable padded seat for a more comfortable drive.

Thanks to its large, turf-saving tyres, which ensures the power is put down gently, the LR1 NR76 develops ample traction, but won’t damage the surface of the lawn. A five-step cutting-height (38 – 95mm) allows you to create the finish you prefer; while a capacious 4.9-litre fuel-tank helps to reduce downtime caused by top-up stops.

Power for the Cub Cadet LR1 NR76 is supplied by a 420cc single-cylinder four-stroke electric-start engine from Cub Cadet themselves.


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