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Say hello to the CS1611E 40cm chainsaw kit. The CS1610E chainsaw is built to be put through its paces. Cut through logs up to 40cm in width like butter and stay in control with bumper spikes to keep you moving in the right direction – the 20 m/s chain speed will take care of the rest.
Before you get going, ensure you engage the chain brake so you can work in the safest of conditions. If you do experience kickback, the powerful brake will bring the chain to a halt, minimising risk to the user.
The 5.0Ah battery which is provided in this chainsaw kit will allow you to make up to 300 cuts on a single charge – this should give you ample time to complete your tasks, but if not, enjoy a break while the battery fully recharges in 40 minutes.
The oil reservoir is 150ml and is easy to monitor how much oil is left in the tank by looking through the opaque oil inspection window. The chainsaw is automatically lubricated from this tank, so all you need to do is keep check on the oil levels.
When you have finished cutting, first remove the battery to ensure that you do not accidentally press the trigger to start the chain, then safely store away in our durable chainsaw bag (BCS1000), which is available to purchase separately.


£469.00 Regular Price
£449.00Sale Price
  • Voltage (V) 56 V
    Chain Speed 20 m/s
    Brushless Motor Brushless
    Sproket 6 Teeth
    IP Class IPX4
    Chain Drive Links 56
    Bar Length (cm) 40
    Compatible Bar Length (cm) 35
    Chain / Bar Gauge (mm) 1.1
    Chain / Bar Pitch (mm) 9.5
    File Size (mm) 4
    Oli Tank Volume (ml) 150
    Tool Length (mm) 803
    Tool Width (mm) 252
    Tool Height (mm) 203
    Tool Dry Weight (Without Chain And Bar) (kg) 3.35
    Tool Weight (With Chain And Bar) (kg) 3.9
    Battery Port Single Port
    Chain Brake 1
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