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42" Loncin Powered with Hydro Drive


The LT108HSL side discharge lawn tractor is expertly powered by an impressive 452cc OHV Loncin engine. The 42” twin bladed cutting deck has the option of either side discharge or mulching and with cutting heights of 25-80mm can tackle short or longer grass with ease.


› Engine: 452cc Loncin OHV

› Cutting Width: 108cm / 42" - Working Area: Up to 1.8 Acres

› Drive: Hydrostatic K46 Transmission / Electric Key Start

› Cutting Height: 25 - 80mm 7 Stage Adjustment

› Side Discharge

› Turning Radius: 45cm / Twin Bladed Cutting Deck

› Mulch Plug / Tow Hitch: Included

› Domestic Warranty: 5 Years (Conditional - T's & C's Apply)*



  • Expertly Powered by Loncin Engines

    Powerful, High Performance Engines

    The Cobra LT108HSL is expertly powered by a Loncin OHV 452cc engine which takes lawn tractor power to the next level.

    Loncin OHV engines are known for durability and reliability, making them ideal for Cobra tractors. Designed to withstand the demands of general use and are built with quality components
    to ensure long-lasting performance.



    Side Discharge or Mulch your Cuttings

    Multiple Cutting Options for your Lawn

    The 42" twin bladed cutting deck on the Cobra LT108HSL side discharge lawn tractor not only has the facility to discharge your grass clippings, but with the included mulching plate, the grass is chopped and redistributed back onto the lawn.

    The advantage of this quality deck is its versatility, as it provides the user with multiple cutting options.



    Your Lawn, Cut Your Way

    For the Perfect Finish to your Lawn

    All Cobra side discharge lawn tractors are equipped with 7 cutting heights ranging from 25-80mm. Whether you are tackling
    long grass, or producing a fine short finish to your lawn Cobra tractors are designed to tackle the job.

    The easy to operate height of cut lever allows the operator to change cutting heights from 25-80mm for the perfect finish.



    Easily Tow Attachments Around your Garden

    Tow Hitch Point as Standard with Cobra

    Cobra side-discharge tractors come equipped with a tow hitch point enabling them to be able to pull a variety of implements such as trailers, carts and other lawncare attachments.

    Having a tractor with a tow hitch point is so versatile as it provides the user with multiple uses for their Cobra lawn tractor.



    Hydrostatic Drive System

    For the Smoothest Grass Cutting Experience

    The Cobra LT108HSL comes equipped with a hydrostic drive system. The hydrostatic transmission system provides smooth and seamless speed control without the need for manual gear shifting.

    This allows for easier operation and precise maneuverability, especially when navigating obstacles or making tight turns



    Ultra-Bright LED Front Headlights

    Work for Longer with LED Headlights

    Cobra lawn tractors come with ultra-bright LED front headlights.
    LED headlights provide bright and focused illumination, allowing you to see clearly even in low-light conditions. This is particularly useful during early morning or late evening mowing sessions when natural light may be limited. Improved visibility helps you navigate safely and avoid potential obstacles, ensuring a more efficient and precise mowing experience.


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